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My name is Anders Ringman, and i live in a small Society called "Hokerum" it´s about 110km. south of Gothenburg! I got my first dog 2005 a lovely gentleman called Charlie,i got him from my youngest brother,really fast i did find out that i want one moore dog...a female ofcourse! I did find her in Virginia did take some time to arrange everything to get here here, but winter 2009 she finally was here!! Here name is Zocko! Today i have 9 dogs, 3male´s and 7female´s! 5 of them is from my first breed,and i decide to keep them here at the kennel for my own use in the future! My dogs lives all the time with me in the house, but they can when ever they want, go outside! My dogyard is conected to my house with a an airlock! So we lives under the same roof all the time! As a big happy family!!!My goal is to train my dogs and start them in the polarraces here in Sweden and Norway!